Out of the marriage from Klaas Immes Dijkens and Aaltje Willems Brontsema were four sons and a number of daughters born. The three sons are the founders of the family Dijkens, or Dykens:

1. Son Willem married Trijntje Kat    2. Son Imme first married to Janneke Bultema    3. Son Freerk married Dieuwerke Bulthuis.

Besides these 3 roots, there is a fourth; a younger sister of Klaas Immes, named  Anje Immes Dijkens had two sons from a unknown man (or two different men?), the sons used the family name Dijkens.

Anje was later married to Alje Melles Knol, and became with him more children. The youngest son, Klaas, died young at 's Hetoghenbosch, while he was in the Dutch army for his duty.

The oldest son, Freerk Immes, married Korneliske Buitenwerf, they got 5 sons and 4 daughters. The most of this family emigrated to the U.S.A. A part of the descendants are listed.

This website is based on those 4 families, if you follow the blue links, you will find more information. When you follow the red links on those pages, you will find more about that person.

You can find the ancestors of Klaas Immes Dijkens here.

Further there will be chancing parts on this site: pictures, websites of other members of the "Dijkens family", websites about the municipal Eemsmond, the former municipal Uithuizermeeden .

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